2024 Artist Residencies

With our partners The Eden Arts Trust we would like to congratulate all the artists that have been selected for this years residency programme. The residencies were postponed last year due to the affects of cyclone Gabrielle. We are able to welcome back residents with a temporary change to accommodation which will be in the cottage adjacent to the main house. Thank you to all the artists for their understanding and patience.

This year we have a group of artists who have a variety of creative disciplines, working solo and collaboratively. We look forward to welcoming Jack Hadley and Meg Porteous, Julian Hooper, Selina Ershadi and Frances Libeau, and Tru Paraha. The programme runs from March until the end of November.

Our Past Residents

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Brendon Leung
Brendon Leung


Tira Walsh Artist
Tira Walsh


Alexis Neal

Contemporary Printmaking Weaver Artist

Josephine Jelicich
Josephine Jelicich

Furniture Maker / Woodworker

Claudia Kogachi


About the Residency

The Residency Programme runs from early March until the end of November each year.
A call for submissions is made once a year; usually in October. Applications close in November and successful applicants are notified in January.
Residencies are for up to 3 months. Single, collaborative and interdisciplinary applications are welcomed.
+ Stay at 1 Watchman's Rd, Karekare
+ Accommodation for the artist, partner, and children under 18 years old.
+ Power, water, wifi internet
+ Some weekly living expenses covered
+ There may be a small welcoming and farewell event organised at the house
+ Support in the form of visits, help setting up an exhibition, and connection with the local community via The Eden Arts Trust, Karekare House Trust, permanent on site artist, and locals from Karekare.

*For more info about what the residency provides, the expectations of the artist, important dates, and who should apply contact us.

Residency Opportunities

We are proudly partnered with The Eden Arts Trust

Karekare House Charitable Trust is very pleased to be partners with Eden Arts Trust as we have very similar goals: supporting the arts for the benefit of the public and the cultural life of New Zealanders. We are interested in encouraging the arts and providing opportunities for artists of all disciplines. While the residency programme is our core purpose we look forward to being able to support short term projects in the future if at all possible.

The Local Community

We encourage residents to actively engage with the local community, who have been very encouraging and supportive of the residency program. Open studio days, or giving a talk to share your experiences would be welcomed – we are open to suggestions, and are keen to help facilitate.
The local Karekare artist & creative community are also encouraged to apply to use the house & grounds for arts activities & events (such as poetry evenings, arthouse film nights, book club).
Local artists may also apply for short term use of the workshop garage (up to 1-2 weeks) if it is not being used. Email sarah@karekarehouse.co.nz to check availabilities.

Photo credits Ted Scott and Cathy Manning

Alexis Neal at Karekare House – photo credit to Ted Scott.

Exhibition Opportunities

At the end of their residency, artists will be offered the opportunity to exhibit their work – either at the residence itself, or at another Auckland based venue.
We are aware that not all creative disciplines involve having exhibitable ‘work’ at the end of a residency, and we are open to facilitating other ways of sharing work.
If you’re interested in partnering with Karekare House as a gallery or arts venue, please contact us at sarah@karekarehouse.co.nz.

Future Residencies

We intend to primarily offer residencies to mid-career New Zealand artists.
As well as being a traditional single artist residency, we would also like this to be an opportunity for contemporary artists of complimentary styles and disciplines to collaborate.
We are looking at partnerships with other art / artist organisations and communities – if you are interested email sarah@karekarehouse.co.nz.

Photo: Water Colour classes in the studio held in the summer for the local community